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Offering a Full Range of Pediatric Therapies

Whether your child has single or multiple challenges, The Maryland Therapy Network has more than 25 experienced therapists that can help. Our services include speech-language pathology, occupational therapy and physical therapy and can be provided during in-person sessions and remotely through teletherapy.

Speech-Language Pathology

Our speech-language pathologists are highly trained, licensed and certified by the American Speech Language Hearing Association to focus on helping children.

What we can help with:

Occupational Therapy

Trained in early intervention as well as oral motor and sensory integration, our licensed occupational therapists will help your child.

What we can help with:

Physical Therapy

Our physical therapy services are designed to improve mobility, increase strength, and achieve developmental motor skills needed to play, learn and explore. The Maryland Therapy Network’s experienced, licensed physical therapists evaluate and treat orthopedic, developmental and/or neurological problems.

What we can help with:

Developmental Services

The Maryland Therapy Network staff are also specially trained to work with children on the autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and children with such special needs as Down syndrome, cleft palate and cerebral palsy.


Many of these services can be provided remotely via teletherapy. Teletherapy is a research-based model that has proven to be as successful with a wide range of disorders and impairments and as effective as in person therapy sessions. Learn more about how teletherapy works.

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